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Earlier this year I got hired as a City Editor for Not For Tourist's 2007 Los Angeles City Guide. If you don't own any Not For Tourists guides, then you should get one. I was excited about the job because I was A) getting paid to write, and B) writing for the guide that I've been using in Los Angeles for the past year I've been living here.

I know that LA is Thomas Guide happy, and I own one, but I prefer my NFT. It's aimed at people who live in a city and would rather know where the bars, gas stations, and Trader Joe's are than, say, the city's best shopping. Well, it has this too, but still. It's sardonic, more resident-friendly, and -- as I say in the coming edition's Driving in LA section -- unlike the Thomas guide, it doesn't feel like you're carrying around a freaking city schematic. I've heard it said that you know you're a true Angeleno (something I imagine coinciding with purchasing your first I HEART LA T-shirt at LAX, which should say "I love the smog!" on the back) when you can use your Thomas guide maps while driving. But to me, this helps explains the huge number of traffic accidents in LA.

Anyway, I wrote for the guide. I was the neighborhood editor for Los Feliz, Studio City, Burbank and Rancho Park / Palms. I edited and wrote the Nightlife, Driving in LA, The Studios, Elysian Park, Union Station / Metro, Radio Stations and General Information sections. They're comprehensive, snarky, and hopefully, informative.

Recently I got hired to write for their websites On Our Radar section. This is currently getting revamped and will start with their new listings in late August, I believe. It's a feature that has a few handfuls of writers who post cool places to go in the city with pictures and whatnot. Bars, events, holes in the walls, best-kept-secret kind of places -- that kind of thing.

It's not up yet, but I'll post when it's up. For now, it's a fun website to check out. They had pdf maps you can download and lots of information on the cities you may or may not live in. As of now, they have books/maps for Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. So if you live in one of those cities and want to know what's up, or why Cahuenga is such a hot spot in the Hollwood nights right now, check it out. Here's the website: LA Not For Tourists.

So this will give me a continuing opportunity to post some fun writing out there. It'll include a bio and I can link my blog and other such things. And I can be sycophantic and caustic about this dear city in the same 200-word breath.


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