Insurance Policies and Food Posioning -- A Columbus Day to remember

A three day weekend: A chance to catch up on my work and get myself into a good position for the week. I've been working hard to implement a steady writing schedule so that I can keep moving on my work around my day job.

But like the middle-aged gentlemen with the chronic and surreptitious gas who sat near me, so ever noticably near me throughout a screening of The Departed, life got in the way. . .

Shortly after beginning our walk home from The Departed -- which I might discuss, but I'm too tired to accurately communicate my ire -- my girlfriend felt the first pangs of food poisoning. This would be the start of a horrible weekend for her, and thank god that she's finally starting to feel better. So the wonderful wide world of insidious shrimp put the kibosh on much of my work.

Which in itself wouldn't be too horrible. But my day job -- a temp assignment in which I had until today traded little respect for little responsibility -- sprouted into a horrible little pocket of responsibility. Now, I don't mind work. Not even hard work. But what I do mind is getting paid little to do a lot while I'm surrounded by people who make much more to do very little. But that's the rub with temp work, you're somebody's bitch. And that involves an economical advantage that is not your own.

What is now practically years ago in Chicago, I vowed -- well, I vaguely assumed -- that those days working with insurance policies would be my last. And here I am, talking to Insurance agents again. And again I'm tired and wiped out at the end of the day. A bruise on a bright piece of fruit.

Is a work grind of insurance policies and agent-phone-tag comparable to food posioning? I'd harbor to say yes, yes it is. General Liability is one short cry from an extended stay at the porcelain gods.

Which is a all a dressed up, frou frou way of saying that I'm not fucking getting the writing done.

I bought a lottery ticket a few days ago. Didn't win.

So that's another escape route down the drain. Guess I'm going back to work tomorrow.

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