Not For Tourists (+ sushi rants!)

I've just signed on to write ten more posts for the Not For Tourists On Our Radar feature. I had a lot of fun doing it the first time around. So, in light of that, I thought I'd point yet again to their website. Check out the On Our Radar section. It's hard to miss. It's on the center of the main LA page. At the bottom is a link to the archives so you can read all of my posts.

I have posts on The Secret Headquarters, Taste Chicago, C&O Trattoria, The Griddle Cafe, The Shave, and Leo's Library. (I also have up-coming posts on Runyon Canyon's "Black Run," Dominicks, and Moonlight Graham.)

ALSO, the 2007 edition of the Los Angeles Not For Tourists guide comes out on November 15th. I was a city editor and writer for this edition. Preorder it from Amazon today!

ps. When the hell did sushi become a bastion of high culture? I realize that it's Q rating is through the roof and has been for a while, but c'mon. I read a review recently that mentioned a place in Hollywood that didn't cater to the Midwestern tourists who weren't brave enought to try sushi. I'm sick of hearing of how those who don't eat sushi are uncultured or not brave enough. Not brave enough to risk the potential health risks of eating raw fish? Please. What happened to the cultural value of food being based on its quality, or the skill involved in preparing it? People who prepare sushi are cooks. They're butchers. Sushi is the Botox of late 20th/early 21st century cuisine. I don't eat it, because I don't like it. And as far as bravery goes, I'd like to see an Angeleno stick out an entire Midwestern winter.

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