His Jane Friday

This friday brings us Jane Espenson's episode of Battlestar Galactica. It's called "The Passage." And I don't know much about it other than it focuses a good deal on Kat. But, hey, it's one of the best show and one of the best writers.

So watch! Friday, 9/8c on the Scifi channel. Even if you've never seen it before, check it out and get hooked.

Also, in recognition, I'm adding a link to Jane's latest post on her blog. Classic Jane. Simple, helpful, effective.

ps. I've heard word of a podcast from the Battlestar Galactica writer's room. Supposively it's a four hour piece of them breaking a story. Amazing! Has anyone heard of this? Where does one get it? I'm waving, not drowning here, people!


Maggie said...

Hey! Left you a response on my blog, but you're more likely to see it here, huh? http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/downloads/podcast/season03/



a.c. marshall said...

Funny enough, I already caught it on your blog. But thanks though. That's a good chunk of my weekend already blocked off for podcasts. :) Many thanks.