That kid keeps getting chubbier + Writerly static in the air!

In light of some advice I had heard from the birds singing in the trees, I've started to nose around the sitcoms currently on the air. I have a half hour coma (comedic drama) spec, but I'm worried that I need a half hour spec of a show already on television just to cover my ass.

So, there I am scoping out the shows. I had been focusing on The Office and How I Met Your Mother. (And, honestly, these are the only half hour shows that I regularly watch.) Office is much more aligned with my goals and skill set, but, I've been enjoying How I Met Your Mother a lot more these days.

Nonetheless, I've been scoping. And yowza, are the pickings slim these days. The Class? Please. Jason Ritter is like the poster child for white male dullness, which is an odd centerpiece for a show so desperately trying to be manic. They might as well put him in sweater vests. And Friends may very well be the last show to ever pull that off. New Adventures of the Old Christine? This show really makes me wonder where in the world the Seinfeld magic came from. Or where it went. Hmm. Maybe good writing IS crucial. . . huh, go figure. And there's always Two and a Half Men. What is with this show and why is it so popular? Were the holes left by Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond really so large that this kind of stuff is filling the void?

I only really came away with one certainty from the ten minutes I subjected myself to of T1/2M: That little kid just keeps getting chubbier.

So. The sitcom market is thin. Very very thin. Very unlike the chubby 2 1/2 Men kid. And we're back to The Office and How I Met Your Mother. Is there anything else that I'm missing? Is there a new show I've neglected that I show catch up on? Point the way, people.


It's in the air, I swear. Writerly static. Maybe this happens in some kind of LA-cyclical pattern, or maybe it coincides with the weather and the winds. And the rain (Saturday night was amazing! Supposively more rain next weekend!). But it's there.

And it's not just me. I feel like other people are feeling it. I read it on other blogs. I hear it in friends' voices. You can smell, alongisde the desperation mingling with the LA smog.

It's anticipation. Impatience. Electric longing. The year is coming to an end and TV is nearing its Holiday lull, and the TV spec season is in work-mode, grinding away for the coming year and the Big Race and it's goddamn Singing The Body Electric.

I'm antsy and I want to have all 24 hours of the day to just write and write and work on my pieces and surpass the near-impossible and get them READ and then BREAK ON THROUGH, and get to the real work. I want to be amid the writer's and I want to watch the writers room buzz in person -- not just through the magic of my headphones and BSG's amazing amazing electronic generosity.

I want magic and breakthroughs and achievement and hard work and end-of-the-work-day pride --

really, is that so much to ask.

ps. So, in the meantime, resist rubbing on the writerly. You'll get sparked.

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