God bless Law of Sympathy

If you aren't reading Law of Sympathy, I seriously don't know how you're getting through the day without that extra series of grins, smirks and giggles. Seriously. Are you people medicating? She's fan-frakking-tastic. I was already on the up-and-up when I read her post this afternoon. Now I'm charged and raring to dig into my Dexter spec. Bamboo Killers may not like the exclamation points, but BK can have all the Seinfeld-punction-paranoia for herself. Sometimes you need a !.

Law of Sympathy!

Here. Enjoy. You're welcome. Bring on the pogo sticks!

ps. (I'm shamelessly pilfering her video posting. (My apologies, Jen!))

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Jen said...

!!! Thanks, Adam -- you are very kind. Go you on your Dexter spec!

(no pilfering apologies necessary -- I totally pilfered it myself.)