Goddamn Sunset 5

When moving to West Hollywood from the Valley, I was so geeked about living within walking distance of the Sunset 5 theater. Little did I know that it sucked fucking balls. The Sunset 5 likes to dangle a good movie here and there, but largely this theater is home to gay camp movies, insipid independent bullshit, and boring documentaries. The Encino Laemmle always has the interesting indie/foreign stuff, the Santa Monica Laemmle, Pasadena. But I have to live near the Laemmle that shows Naked Boys 2: Gay Harder, and some movie you've never heard of, and most likely for good reason.

But they get a movie I want to see, and it only plays for one week. Damn you Sunset 5! Damn you to hell! I've been wanting to see Olivier Assayas' new flick for a while now. But Boarding Gate was only a blip on the Sunset 5 radar. They replaced it with Bra Boys. Bra Boys.

So I'm throwing up the trailer for Boarding Gate here. Let's watch, and remember better times... I can't believe I'm looking back fondly on Encino. Encino. Look at what you've done to me, Sunset 5. You bastard.

ps. Oh, Assayas, you're so nonsensical and overwrought... And now I have to wait for it on DVD. Sigh.

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