Sticks and stones...

Everyone -- or many people who tend to spark my interest -- seems to be into Bones. I mean, really into Bones. I've seen the commercials. The banter seems witty and sharp. But I always smelled the procedural and doubted the characters and relationships.

But it keeps knocking at my door, and my interest is piqued. So I commented on Maggie's blog (she's a remarkably devoted blogger and has enough spirit and energy for all of us who aspire to writing for TV), asking her to expound on her love of Bones. It was a wee bit demanding of me, and very generous of her to comply.

She piqued my piqued interest. Dammit. Like I needed more TV to watch.

Here's what she had to say.

ps. Maggie also led me to a new fascination: Law of Sympathy.

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