All Hail Manohla

I stated a while back to P that Carina Chocano (of the LA Times) is the new Manohla Dargis (formerly of the LA Times, now of the NY Times). I love smart, sharp, and demanding movie reviewers. I latched on Michael Wilmington as a teen in Chicago. Then after realizing he was questionable and erratic, I moved onto Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Reader. Then A.O. Scott briefly. And then Ms. Dargis caught my eye. But for one reason or other I tired of her and lately I have enjoyed Carina Chocano. And she writes for the paper of the city I live in no less. Fitting.

But after I stated such a blanket statement to P, I'm sure he was just sitting in wait, looking for the right moment to hit me with a zinger. Or he just found an AMAZINGLY scathing review of a horrible movie, and then sent it my way for shits and giggles. P is, in truth, much more widely internet-read than I.

So, all hail Manohla, and her AMAZINGLY CAUSTIC and BEAUTIFUL review of What Happens in Vegas.

Read the review, skip the movie, and live all the better for it.

Touché, P, touché.

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