Desperately Seeking Dexter

After my pledge a few posts back to take on my Dexter outline and to come out fists-a-flyin', well, I went down in the first round that evening. But I got back up, kept the issue in the back of my head all day long while I toiled at my day job (picture child laborers from another century, chained to large, sooty machinery), and then came back in for round two that night. With caffeine and my board in hand.

And the brawl was good and fruitful. I did everything I had set out to accomplish, and I was too tired to be too cocky about it. All good things. And wonderful Maggie was good enough to meet for pie and story-talk.

And she raised some excellent points (thanks Maggie!). One in particular has me circling a bit. I'm going to point to her post where she presented the basic spec issue. Which saves me the effort of describing it. But, fyi, you should read her post for all of the following to make sense.

But it brings up an interesting issue. One's spec should always stand alone in some ways. Both to give it some more shelf life, and also to make it reader-friendly. A reader may not know the show at all. A manager I recently spoke to only knew the first few episodes of the first season of Dexter. So that's always an issue.

Yet where does this concept fit into the world of a highly serialized show? I had less of a problem putting my Battlestar spec both in the world of Season 3 and yet in it's own little bubble of time that required little knowledge of the mechanics of the season.

But with Dexter, I personally have a hard time seeing an episode of that show (even a speculative one) that doesn't deal with a season arc at all. Dexter is so tightly wound, and a lot of that tension comes from the season arc. If you remove that too much, I don't know -- do you kill the spirit of the show?

How do you keep your spec from being too Inside Baseball without knocking it out of the park entirely? (Read: a homerun, in this case, would be a bad thing. Go with it.)

ps. Wow, did the end of this post totally read like a Sex and the City VO?

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