Glutton for punishment

I have no idea why I keep watching Grey's Anatomy. Well, yeah, I do. My fiancée watches it, and I get sucked in. Normally with shows like Desperate Housewives I don't mind so much. (Who doesn't enjoy Felicity Huffman?) But Grey's is pissing me off. (And don't even get me started on Gossip Girl.) In many ways Grey's is a smart show with great moments. But it's also a load of crap.

I had a post a while back called "They Should Have Killed Meredith Grey." And I'm sticking with that. They should have killed off Meredith with what was instead some of the biggest pile of schmuck bait ever (her drowning), and replaced her with Addison. No Private Practice necessary. Just swap the leads.

Meredith Grey is the least interesting and most inactive lead character of a series I've ever seen. And she's completely fucking annoying. She should be dumped, dead and replaced.

Ohhhhhh God, that felt good to get out. Sorry if I offended any Grey supporters out there. But it needed to be said.

The ending to this week's episode was the lamest excuse for an act out I've ever seen. Even Gilmore Girls had more affecting act outs. And if you're not familiar with the Gilmore, believe me, that's saying something.

Meredith is a coward? Gee, have I been watching all these years? That's all she's about. She's a constant state if Hamletian 'Will she/won't she." And it's sooooo dull. There's no narrative push with her, it's just the saaaaame old thing over and over and over, and she's just the DENSEST person EVER.

Find a good way to use George, keep up with the Christina fun, give Baily more of her old arias, and bring back Addison. Hell, even use Lexi (Meredith-light) -- she's easily become phenomenally more interesting than Meredith, and just with the plot scraps she's been given.

ps. I can't wait till The Closer comes back and I can get my guilty procedural fix elsewhere.


Carolyn said...

Hey...stumbled across your blog and love this post.

You mention Meredith being a lead character and to be honest I almost forget she is a lead. Yeah, it's called Grey's Anatomy and all, but I'm not even interested in her character. They have made her so boring. It's not that I don't like Meredith because I actually am one of those viewers who did like her. But she's been so blah for a while now.
Lexi = Meredith - light. I'm on board with that!

...off to read your "They Should Have Killed Meredith Grey" post.

Josh said...

Jul and I were groaning right about the dozenth time Addison said, "Nothing's changed," and I have to agree that Meredith is BOOOORING, but this episode had a surprising number of really good, funny lines where characters were making fun themselves. Kind of Whedon-y, in a way, though unfortunately without any real heft.

adam _______________________ said...

Yeah, the "nothing's changed" bit was bad, as was Bailey's being reduced to a Shakespeare plot-update mouthpiece until her final two speeches (though the Nurses speech was pretty Bailey-of-old, I miss those). And you're right, Josh, the episode had it's moments. I loved every scene with Lexi from that ep. Which shocked me. Bring on Lexi -- if she replaced Meredith it could still be called Grey's Anatomy. Painless.

Carolyn - Thanks for reading. And agreeing. :) Yeah, it's really an ensemble show, but with that voice over it's hard to avoid. I love the moments (I think there's two, or was it just the one with Christina?) where someone else did the voice over.

I hope I still have that old post on my blog. I deleted a bunch of old posts when I unearthed this blog.