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I've got a few new posts up on the Not For Tourists website. If you don't know Not For Tourists, it's an irreverant, trendy guide for residents, as opposed to -- you got it. The observant viewer might have noted the guide's appearance in a recent Gossip Girls episode where Michelle Trachtenberg was thumbing through the NY edition.

When I moved to LA I came with a copy of the LA NFT guide. I loved it. So when I was looking for writerly outlets as I battled the desert, I sent in a writing sample as they were looking for people to help with their 2007 LA guide book. I edited and wrote for that year's book, and I've been writing for their website since then. It's basically a What's What on LA, where people are sassy and know-it-all and point out cool places to go in the city.

There's a lot of people who have a great voice for restaurant reviews, and people who are experts on the underbelly of the city. Myself -- I just point out places I like, and sling together a few snarky and clever turns of phrase.

Here's my NFT profile, with my posts collected below it. Read, enjoy. But don't expect to learn much. After all, I got the job -- I assume -- because of my writing. I'd only been living in LA a few months when they hired me to write up driving tips and to edit the nightlife section.

I need to write. I always feel the urge to play with words and character. So as I struggle to get paid to do so, I look for ways to scratch the itch. If I'm stuck on a script or in a lull, there's always blogging, short stories, random dialogues, I even have a set of story lines I'm constantly concocting for a comic/kids book based off of my cats. It's inane, but I do it.

And sometimes it's nice for the ego to get your work published on a website. Even if it is just because you wanted to write about the 96% chance of pinning the tail on Thai restaurant in LA.

ps. We're (pinching thumbs together) THIS close to a Celtics/Lakers Finals. THIS close...

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Emily Blake said...

Ooooh. Thanks for pointing that out. I never knew that existed. I will be sure to read your articles.