Go Huskies!!!

(please oh please read the 70% sarcasm in my post title)

In what's maybe my weirdest post ever:

I usually can't write in the quiet. Normally I use music to put myself in a landscape and to cut out the outside world. But for some reason music was NOT jiving with my cold. So I put on a TV show in the background that I wouldn't distract me. It was some MTV reality show, American's Top Dance Crew -- something along those lines. And they had a group on from the Chicago suburb I grew up in on Season 2. (I have no idea if that's current or reruns.)

So, that was surreal. A hip hop dance crew from Naperville? F-ing A. They definitely looked a lot too Naperthrill to me. A slightly squeamish trip down memory lane. But way to represent. Apparently, Naperville is standing up for suburbs.

Go Huskies! (that's for you, Wancy)


ps. In a total lack of irony and sarcasm: Go Cubbies -- I'll be at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, let's kick some boys-in-blue ass.

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