Jane & KITT

Jane Espenson responded to a letter I wrote her about specing Dexter and other Showtime and HBO act-break-less shows. Look for it here. She responds to the issue of writing without act breaks. And, in fact, what she recommends is what I did.

I guess I was just hoping she would have written something like, "Oh, well, I asked Drew Z. Greenberg and he said they write it like _____________________."

With the blank being something very specific and eye-opening. Like they write it for a so-many act structure and they remove the breaks, like Jane mentions. Or they nail down three-act points, like an inciting incident, midpoint, climax, etc., etc.

But Jane took the time to respond to me at all, which is awesome. So take a look.

And, also, look at this.


I mean, seriously -- Dude.


I've never really ever had any interest in having a GPS dealy in my car. Don't need one. But this has turned me into a believer. The idea that I could have KITT in my car, with KITT's actual voice (and I mean actual, not that 2008 crap) talking to me. Whoa, that would liven up my Sentra.

ps. Dude.

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