The Last Day Before Summer

Yesterday, the last day before summer, something was in the air. It could have been because I've been having such a bad week. Could be because everyone else around me seems to be going through change. But I'm going to chalk it up to quarterlife arthritis: a bodily sensitivity to transition.

Everything feels uncertain all of sudden. Like everything's up in the air. I couldn't focus. Writing brought no pleasure. All priorities shifted. I felt edgy and everyone around me seems like nervous animals, horses pulling against the reins.

I could feel it all day long. Shit's gonna happen. It's like that feeling at the change of the seasons. Or the end of school. Or before a move. Your life's stock being packed into a Uhaul. Clearing out your emotional locker. Leaves of possibility raked up everywhere.

Could be bad, could be good. But I feel it my bones. It's coming.

ps. Better hide your heart, girl.


Jen said...

That feeling, that Change Is Gonna Come feeling, can be so disconcerting, but the thing is that it is ALWAYS true. Everything changes all of the time. We just aren't attuned to it -- transitions are forever on the horizon -- some huge, some minute, whether we feel them coming or not.

fwiw, I think it's gonna be good. I'm all for being prepared, but it has been my experience that if you are constantly braced for the worst, you miss some of the best.

adam _______________________ said...

Worth a good amount. I need to keep that in mind. Sometimes I think "going with the flow" get's a bad wrap. I need more of that with all the work and prep.

But good, yes. I hope se.