"Does this mean we have to start fighting?"

Recently I've been of the opinion that there's something very wrong with the present. July of 2008 is fundamentally flawed. Something is awry. Up is down. Cats are sleeping with dogs. Wires are crossed. If it were financially possible, I'd be very tempted to stay in bed and wait it out.

But then I remember that The Dark Knight comes out this month, and




Batman has long been my hero story of choice. It speaks to me; sates my inner, broken child; and reignites my intense childhood desire for the ability to strike fear in the hearts of others, cool toys, and (duh) my own Batcave.

SO, to commemorate The Dark Knight and to remind myself that July is not the marker of all that is wrong and evil, I'm going to trace the lineage of my love of the winged freak:

To be a child in the 80's and watch way too many reruns

Approaching Adolescence - Hello Dark World

All growns up: Everything you thought it could be?

It's amazing how my favorite childhood comic book hero has only gotten better over time. Can't say about many of them. (I'm of course discounting the Joel Schumacher atrocities.) Each installment perfectly timed to my age and sensibilities.

Ah. Can't wait.

Touché, July. Touché.

ps. Just because. Best. Line. Ever.

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