Hunkering down for some spec demolition

First off, I need to point out the raging fires to the North for anyone who's been lost in their own little bubble. For those of us in California, the world seems to be on fire. And my fiancée is in Goleta for a summer grad program at UCSB. So I'm on edge about the whole thing. She's safe, but they're having rolling power outages, and they're currently on an evacuation warning. Lots of smoke, black skies and the authority of the setting sun when electricity has been bitch-slapped. The fire is heading South and might end up fucking with the highway. So, I might not get to see her this weekend. Which sucks.

(She refers to my blog as the other woman and would only read it if she were having trouble sleeping. But just on the off chance that she's tossing and turning: Be safe, beautiful. And I'd recommend going all Michael Jackson with the paper masks. A sexy smoker's voice would be fun for a while... but still.)

So, both unfortunately and fortunately, this aids my 4th of July plans:

I'm hunkering down for some spec demolition.

I've been on a good streak as of late. I plan to not only keep that up, but also to up the ante. I'm boarding up the windows, putting on my writer's cap, and saddling on up to my cheap-ass IKEA desk to whittle the #2's. No risk of painting the town any damn color as I'm broke. Can't afford gas. So really I'm stuck home anyway, to subsist off of the remnants of what I'm calling the Famine of '08.


Me, the building pile of pages, and the fires to the North. Sounds like a good setting to exercise my writerly demons -- and all the other sanguinary shades that have been clouding my mind since Dexter started taking up space.

I need to purge. Then rewrite. Then see what the drawing board holds.

Happy Dependence Day.

ps. The best quote I read about the fires was from some septuagenarian up near Big Sur whose home was at risk. She said something along the lines of: "The Midwest is getting all this water water water. And we're getting all this fire fire fire. I don't see why we can't just share."

pps. A theme song for long weekend:

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