Bringing up baby

I must be maturing. As a writer anyway. In the past, after finishing a big project, I've been knowing to undergo some postpartum depression. Everyone knows that working on a script is more fun than trying to pluck an idea out of the seeming nothingness. But before I would settle in a momentary funk, feel like I had no ideas whatsoever, and would mope around for a few days about just about everything.

I know. A pretty picture.

But after finishing my Dexter spec, I've been okay. I've been taking a little bit of a break and sifting through my ideas, through the ether... I'm been enjoying the break, not wanting to waste time moping. I'm enjoying the search and looking forward getting started. I'm itching to write. And so...

I’ve been gorging.

As per my norm when debating between various choices for my next project, I’m soaking up anything and everything that’s been nibbling at my curiosity and might provide inspiration. I usually feel like I’ve been starving myself and now I’m faced with a Vegas-worthy smorgasbord. My eyes have been bigger than my stomach as I’ve checked out way too many books from the library. I’m been leapfrogging from movie to movie, catching up and chasing whims. And I’ve been chiseling away at the mounting TV on my DVR.

Gorging. I’ve got Kathy Reich’s pre-Bones Bones books, a bunch of Batman comics, a long line of Asian flicks, and plenty of Mad Men, Psych and The Closer.

Hopefully, amid all of that, one of these ideas will develop legs and start waddling around. It usually does, I just need to find something to spark it. Or to at least distract my whirling mind for long enough for it relax and see what it’s been missing. It’s like a mouse on one of those stationary wheels that they run in place on – I just need to get off and realize that food dish is right there.


As part of this whole gorging process, I gave into temptation last night and went to see Tell No One. You might have heard of it. I think it’s only playing in LA, NYC and Chicago (it’s actually being distributed by Chicago’s Music Box Films), but it’s garnered a lot of great press and won a fair amount of awards in France. And it’s definitely standing out thanks to the lackluster domestic releases (TDK excluded, of course).

But Tell No One definitely did the trick. I left the theater recharged. It’s a movie to see – a taut thriller, often unpredictable, and it probably has one of the best on-foot chase scenes I’ve ever seen. It’s just a really refreshing movie. A classic, back-to-basics thriller that got me itching to tell a good story, pointing in some unexpected directions.

I recommend seeing it before it’s gone. (Though I think it’s getting a DVD release this fall.) I don’t know if it’ll last into next week. But see it if you can.

And so I’m back to gorging, hoping to feed that itch until something smacks me upside the head. Until then, I’ve gotta stop sketching out feature ideas and find myself a pilot. I need a pilot that I’m passionate about in my arsenal before I start dipping into long-ignored waters. And hopefully I’ll warm to one before I get distracted by the new the onslaught of Fall TV and baseball playoffs.

Ps. Bones is so odd. I was surprised at how much I enjoy the show. And I’m enjoying the novels. And they couldn’t be more different – and it doesn’t bother me at all. Two separate stabs at a good idea, and I like them both. In fact, it’s been fun to mix the books and the episodes. What a weird world Bones is; normally I wouldn't enjoy that kind of disparity. It’s shattering all my preconceptions.

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