Mr. Anxious considers a pint

This town. I enjoy it, but wow can it twist you up right quick. I left town for a bit completely wiped from writing and meeting deadlines and just being dead tired. So I left town relaxed -- kind of. And I returned to home-sweet-LA refreshed -- mostly. But it only took about two days for the anxiousness to creep its way back.

Job-hunting. Trying to find a way into the business. Swinging my foot at doors all over the damn place. Reading about the best way to get writer's assistant and PA jobs on a TV staff. Reassessing my Dexter script and my Disney/ABC app. Picking which project I'm going to work on next. Counting the days left in my vacation, calculating their best usage vs. the benefits of relaxation. Gauging the town. Life here can rack up the tension pretty quick.

It's something one has to constantly vigilant of -- something to fight and work against. I'm usually pretty good at that. I can tune out the world pretty easy when needed for an evening or an hour or two. But lately my defenses have been losing out. And that's no good. No more Mr. Anxious. I can't take it. No more staring into pints of beer looking for a miracle answer.

Maybe I should open a spa, or get a massage therapy license... Those must be sure-fire bets in the desert. Kidding. Mostly.

Anyway. Need to relax. Need some clarity. Time away from LA is wonderful and necessary at times. But it doesn't help with clarity and perspective. It just doesn't.

ps. Think I'm going to go wash my car. In LA, that -- if anything -- always makes things seem better.

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