Who says you can't go home again?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of cabin fever, a trip back home to Chicago for a wedding planning marathon, and recuperating from Disney/ABC. But it's good to be home. When I left, I couldn't to get out of LA for a while. And I love Chicago. But it's good to home. So good. They say you can't go home again. But they also say that home is where the heart is -- and that's Los Angeles for me. Seeing LA from the airplane, driving up length of La Cienega, watching the streets of LA drift by -- it felt really good. Missed you, LA.

Here's some bit of the past few weeks that I meant to post and was too busy to do so:


It's really no fun in the days leading up to it, but in retrospect the craziness of applying for Disney/ABC is kind of fun. I love living in nothing but the world of my script for days on end and then sprinting through the hurdles of the application. It's crazy.

I remember the first year I did so I was still in Chicago and had no idea what I was doing. And it felt like this isolated, desperate endeavor. But being out here in LA, I know quite a few people who were going through the application process. You wouldn't think that seeing a bunch of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off would calm one down -- but it did. Made me breathe a bit easier.

I had to send my application off on the 6th because I left that evening for Chicago. So I was ahead of schedule, but I had to put the thing together during some odd pockets of time. Chasing down a notary (which really isn't all that difficult), became really difficult when I HAD to do it around eight in the morning. Don't ask. But it proved to be a headache. I bounded around town, and ended via a series of recommendations in a random lawyer's office in the House of Blues office building in Hollywood. Nice guy. He asked me to make sure he had done it right. Which made me hand over the ten bucks a little hesitantly, but he had the necessary stamp and made it happen. So, here's to you, sir.

And OH, the cabin fever. I didn't make WB with this Dexter spec, but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was gonna make it. I holed myself up and days four or five days later without much sunlight or fresh air -- it was finished. Can I say for sure that it was good to go? Nope. But I liked it. And Disney/ABC is a gamble anyway. So I rolled the dice.

And then got the hell out of town.


The weather in Chicago was just gorgeous. With the windy city you never know. Could have been hot and humid -- and they had an awful storm just days before I got there. They cleared out Wrigley Field due to tornado warnings, and trees were ripped right out of the ground. My fiancée, who got there before me, spent a good chunk of that night in her parents' basement. So, it was a toss up. And I lucked out there. Gorgeous weather.

We did the catering tasting, the cake tasting, met with the priest, the photographer, the DJ, did engagement photos, sent out our Save the Date's, and a whole lot of other stuff that got lost in the blur. We met with some friends at our favorite bar (which, by the way, looks nothing like the rip-off version of it in My Boys), hit up some Chicago restaurants, and hung out with my future in-laws.

Great to visit. But I was eager to get home.


So I'll look at my Dexter spec again after I've let it sit for a while. Probably have some people read it and rip it apart for me. But it's time to move forward. I felt the itch to start writing again while in Chicago. Which is always good. So it's time to move forward. What next? I have my muffins-and-broken-relationships dramedy idea. A couple of other half-baked pilot ideas. A feature idea that's been itching like mad. Another Dexter idea, actually. And I've been feeling the urge to spec Bones.

We'll see.

ps. Here's some best-of-luck to everyone I know -- and don't know -- who applied to Disney/ABC. Little bit of luck and we'll be able to show them what we can do.

pps. I'm still recuperating, so I'm not even going to proof read this. Sorry in advance.


Emily Blake said...

For the future - almost every employee at the UPS store is a notary.

adam _______________________ said...

I'm aware. But apparently such UPS employees don't work in the morning. Ever. Or so I discovered as I called all the UPS stores around me. They're night owls, I guess. And Kinko's in Hollywood only does notary shit by appointment. What the hell is that?

Anyway. I'm well versed with the notary process. My job's trying to pay for me to become a notary, but I keep turning them down. As I don't want to even work there to begin with.

But thanks for the heads up.

Jeff said...

I could've "danza-slapped" it for you. That's almost just like a notary.


adam _______________________ said...


You're probably right. But I don't know if I'd want to spend $10 for it...