Carter and Craig SHOT ME DEAD

Tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother was like a fucking kidney punch. After last week I had fairly high hopes for the season. The episode was funny, the writers seemed to have accepted that Barney is the real main character of the show (Barney and Ted are like the Seth and Ryan of CBS comedy), and they were balancing the right mix of heart and crude comedy.

But then tonight's episode was like the whistle blast from the Screaming Lady on Fountain. (You know this particular LA crazy if you live anywhere near Fountain in West Hollywood.)

It wasn't all that funny, they horrifically decided to put a successful and expanding Bank at the center of its seasonal story arc amid our current economic crisis, and -- most importantly -- Carter Bays and Craig Thomas apparently decided to get me where it hurts.

The episode, if you didn't see it, was all about the gang tracking down the best burger in NYC -- following Marshall's own Orphean quest for the first burger he had in NYC eight years prior.

But the underlying story for Marshall was about his inability to get his dream job. Being beaten down by interview after interview. Being reduced to a confused boy in underpants on his couch.

And the episode ends with Marshall taking a job...at a Bank. He needs a job. He needs to start wearing pants. And so he takes a job at a Bank.

Ouch. Thanks for that Carter & Craig.

Two can play that game... (Or so I have to keep telling myself.)

ps. I also have to take issue with the post-Apatow world we're living in where it not only doesn't matter if actors start to swell to schlumpish proportions, but apparently we're supposed to think it makes them funnier. I'm sorry, but it does not. I've always liked you Jason Segel, but you need to shed the sydincation pounds and leave the swelling to the kid on Two and a Half Men.

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