Don't hate him because his mom's got beatiful toes

This town. It's amazing all the oddball stories you hear about how people meet people and make connections. There's the story of guy I knew who took out his garbage and got a job. Networking in the frozen foods at Ralphs.

But today's story from a guy I know took the cake. His mom was in town, and she wanted a pedicure. So he took to some place he found near where he lived, which happens to be owned by a producer's mother. Mom & mom got to talking. "You're son's a writer? Mine's a producer!" A swap of the emails, some correspondence, a passed script. All over some coiffed toenails.

Sometimes I feel like I'm rubbing two sticks together. It'd be depressing if it weren't so amusing.

ps. Makes you wonder about untapped LA writerly resources. Minigolf. The La Brea Tar Pits. Strip joints. Haberdasheries.


Jill said...

I'm trying to be more positive & not so jealous & annoyed by stories like this. And yet........I'm feeling very jealous & annoyed. I need to solve the magical mystery of networking ASAP.

adam _______________________ said...

Oh. That sounds good. Let me know when you figure it out. Yeah. It can be frustrating. But on the other hand (let's just assume that we're sticking with the normal two-hand situation) these things can also give hope. For those of us that feel like we're rubbing two sticks together on a deserted island, well, hey -- I understand pure chance better than I do that famous person I'm not sleeping with, or that Uncle in the business I don't have.

So. Hey. I'm not sweating it either.

(But seriously, let me know when you hit paydirt.)