Get A Clue

Webisode series are the new zines, or the new reel, the new spec-thingy, the new IT. I've heard from just about everyone and their brother -- including my own brother -- that I should be shooting a web series of my own. And I'm tinkering with one.

But, as per usual, the scrappy Jill Slattery has beaten me to it. Jill and I go way back to the turn of the millennium. In addition to having starred in some of my own films, she's also an appreciator of monkeys, a woman of the funny, and she looks right at home buried under a bushel of stuffed animals.

So watch the episode of her new web series Get A Clue. Tell you friends. It's gonna be a thing.

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KTSlatts said...

You are my hero. Seriously, thank you so much for blogging about "Get A Clue"! I owe you big for this one...I sense a really big wedding gift in your future. (Tell me what YOU want the most and it's yours.)

P.S. Episode 1 is the least funny ep in my opinion, so stay tuned...