Gimme some Batgirl, dammit

So, apparently the CW is continuing along their path of no-thought-involved television development. Smallville winding down? Plug in a new comics character, circa their pre-hero years.

You can read the LA Times blog that announces it here.

But Dick Grayson? I have to agree with the LA Times blogger (which doesn’t happen much). What in the world would this show be? Barnum & Bailey meets One Tree Hill? Grayson’s Creek?

And for the love of Lori Loughlin***, what in the world is up with “DJ?” When in the world was Dick Grayson ever referred to as DJ? I grew up in the 80s/90s cusp, when initials were big. BJ. JR. AC. It was big then. But then, so was rolling your jeans.

I just can’t see this show. Especially when there’s so many other interesting options. A friend at work, let’s call him BC – sorry, BC, you’re falling victim to the immediate callback – and I shot around at least a dozen better options that got the fifteen-year-olds in us on a serious geek high.

My personal favorite: Batgirl. Love me some Batgirl. When I was younger and they used to play reruns of the 70s Batman TV show on a loop during the summer, I would turn them on and watch – it was pre-Burton and I knew no better. But if Batgirl was in the episode, or Catwoman, my engagement would jump from couch-potato to all-engines-go.

Batgirl in her pre-and-early-Batgirl days would be phenomenal. It seems TV-ready to me. You've got a central character struggling against her place in the world and scraping together an entirely new identity for herself. You’ve got the troubled relationship with Dad (who only happens to be ever-fascinating Commissioner Gordon), her relationship with Bruce Wayne and ignorance of Batman's identity, and a girl with enough spunk and issues to make this show the post-WB answer to Buffy.

It's a burgeoning story with a direct connection to a popular mythology. It's got depth, a web of character relationships and conflicts, longevity and it's fresh. And I think there's more more of a market for show like this. Not to mention the great possibility for some humor in the world of Batgirl -- over the bleak back story of Dick Grayson.

Now that could be some series CW TV. But they’ll probably run DJ and The Graysons for half a season, and then try and resurrect Seventh Heaven: The Zombie Years again.

ps. ***Yeah, I totally and shamelessly stole that from Psych. For that line alone, I heart Psych big time.

pps. My Cubs post is being delayed in light of the supreme and perennial depression of tonight's loss. But I'm keeping the faith -- we're gonna take two back on their turf. Saturday, people. Tide's gonna change.

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