Let the Right One In

I could write a raving revue for Let the Right One In. I thought about doing so for about, I don't know, maybe twenty seconds as I walked home from the Sunset 5. But, in truth, I know that this movie isn't for everyone. And far be it from me to influence my readers -- the whole unfathomable, like, hundreds of you -- to see a movie you might not like.

Because this film is most aptly described as a love story. But that misses the bloody mess of it. But calling it a vampire creature feature isn't quite right either. So let's get to the point:

This movie made me happy, and it saddened me -- in equal measure. Which is something I think all good movies do. At least the movies I like. And this isn't a perfect movie. But I think it's a perfect little mess. A bloody mess.

While someone who goes to see this movie simply for the bloody mess will most likely get what they're looking for, they'll still be missing the best part of the film. And, conversely, someone who goes simply for the love story is going to get washed in gore. (But it's pretty gore. It's very specific gore, gore splashed with care and adorning innocent faces and fingers, if that means anything to anyone.)

I think this movie is playing in a wonderful middle ground. It's a simple story about human contact, about lonely children in a violent world. A movie whose tenderness is muddied in blood and gore. Where the co-mingling of innocence and violence is possible because it believes in a grey area where violence gets trumped by heart. Where any companionship is worth fighting for when it comforts the lonely.

I know that's all vague. But this is a movie to go into clean. And, honestly, I really think the picture I've posted really says it better than I just tried to anyway. So these are the things I thought about on my walk home. If any of it appeals to you, I encourage you to see this movie before it disappears and is replaced by the Oscar race of cookie cutter crapola.

ps. Or if you want to see a movie that kicks Interview with the Vampire's ass in the child-vampire arena, that'd probably be reason enough as well.


Matt said...

the cat scene alone was worth the price of admission.

adam _______________________ said...

that was pretty amazing.