"That's not Ted Mosby!"

Did anyone else catch the crazy meta-ads that formed a little TV marketing love-child between CBS Monday night comedies and Bertolli ready-bake goodies? What Orwellian douche-puppet is gonna segue from that to a subliminal purchase at Ralphs?


But that's not really the issue. I really enjoyed a lot of CBS's Monday lineup tonight. It was good TV. But my skin still crawled when that Bertolli spokesmodel went all obsequious over How I Met Your Mother. Yeah, the show is on a major upswing. All of us who are fans know that. Because we watch it.

I just didn't expect forced chit-chat with the commercials about it.

But... even though it made me want to Two-and-a-Half-Men all over my DVR, I guess it's just business as usual. And it's in the commercials and not in the show, right? And it was good TV.

So what am I bitching about?

ps. Gossip Girl is some seriously well-made trash. I can't believe I'm sucked into it. But I'm running a bet for the next Gossip Girl movie adaptation. They seem to have a habit of basing the plot of an episode, in part, around a famous movie -- and this is all in addition to their pattern of naming the titles of their episodes after movie titles.

They've done Pygmalion. And tonight they did Dangerous Liaisons, and they titled the episode "Chuck in Real Life."

So what's next? I'm totally voting for an episode built around Ibsen's Ghosts, titled "A Bass Always Rings Twice."

C'mon. The syph sells. Ask Grey's.


Anonymous said...

Take a gander at Serena's little brother. The syphilis he inherited from his mother has already runted his frame. I'm assuming she originally got it from Rufus, way back in the 90s. Ibsenian it is!

Anonymous said...

How I Met Your Mother has really been dragging this season. Yes, the last episode was a huge upswing in terms of quality, but Big Bang Theory is making me laugh out loud now on a consistent basis (and I can't say I was much of a fan of the show last year).