I'm working on a webisode series script that involves many, many, many break-up scenes. They're little tidbits, but after as many as 8-15 of them or so, the lacklaster ones start to sore-thumb it all over the place.

I have a few in my script that work really well, but it doesn't take long before it's very clear that either: a) I haven't been dumped enough in my life, b) those who have dumped me lacked imagination, or c) much like everyone's 15 minutes or true love, maybe everyone only gets one or two great dumpee experiences in life.

So I've been pooling friends and strangers and co-workers, and people seem to be taking to it. I thought I wouldn't find many people willing to share their pain, misery or embarrassment. But apparently, like me, people think it can be funny after-the-fact, and are very, very competitive.

But I'm still short. Need some great little nuggets of heartbreak for my funny little webisode series that requires all these break-ups.

So if you've got a great break-up story, or you or a friend either dumped or were dumped in a memorable way, then I'd loved to hear about it. I'm looking for funny, cruel, real, sad, awkward -- the gamut.

I'll change the names to protect the innocent, or change details if you like, and it'll be as anonymous as a webisode series on the internet can be. Though, from all the people I know that have shot web series here in LA already, apparently not many people watch them anyway. So there's that.

I'm all ears.

ps. You can email me at address in my profile, or comment here. Many thanks!

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