All Good Things...

So there's no more stalling. For some reason, there's a handful of shows that I've just never watched. Good shows that I have solid recommendations for from dependable sources. And there's not much that I love more than discovering a brilliant series that I can burn through at a fevered pace on DVD. Or sometimes, I piecemeal it out, purposefully savoring it like a great book.

But there's a series of shows I've just resisted. Some for good reasons. Some for willful ones. Some, I've got nothing.

Six Feet Under. Lost. Weeds. The Sopranos. I could go on and on. Until recently 30 Rock was on that list, but I gave up about a month back and I'm hooked like a Harvard Westlake student on grandpa's ol' medicine. If your grandpa is Martin Scorsese. Or Jack Nicholson. Colin Farrell. Matthew Perry. ...Amy Winehouse.

And apparently the flood gates are open.

Everyone and their cocaine-addled grandpa has been telling me to watch The Wire. And when everyone is telling you to watch something, sometimes it's almost like a dare not to. No? OK, maybe that's just me.

But Michael posted a clip a while back on his blog and my curiosity has been itching every since. And then Amazon -- damn you Amazon iPhone app -- dropped the price on the complete season to a ridiculous sub-Benjamin price. So now I've got the whole season at my fingertips.

So I'm cleaning up shop with my DVR to clear my slate for some Wire-submersion. So, to all my loved ones, if you don't hear from me for four to eight weeks, you now know why.

ps. Nathan, don't worry. The Season 1 of Lost you bought me is still in its shrink wrap. Your move...

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