Red State Blue State TV

My friends Jeff and Allen write Red State Blue State, one of the top-rated blogs on the MLBlogs Network. And it's top-rated for good reason. It always brings the funny, and it's about baseball and politics. For many, enough said.

But as further incentive for the rest of you, they're now starting up Red State Blue State TV. And their first video just went up. I'm including it below. I believe their plan is to post videos on Mondays. But check out their blog. It's kind of like Sports Night, whose motto was: "Sports Night is to sports what Charlie's Angels was to law enforcement." Only this is about sports. But there's something for everyone.

This blog has a lot going for it, and it'll surprise you. Even if Jeff is a Cardinals fan. And Allen is, well, not a Cubs fan.

ps. "I took several shots to the nuts in the name of RSBS." Funny, and true.

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Jeff said...

Gotta say, that's one swell group of dudes. Well put, Marshall. Well put. I tip my hat to thee.