Long time no see + JJ's F-Bombs

So it's been a while. I keep meaning to post something. But it's amazing how getting married will sidetrack you. And I've been writing -- so less writing here. Which is a good thing. But it does off-set things. I haven't even been reading blogs as of late. It's like how you want to write for TV, and you find you have to start watching less of it to get your writing done.

But I've had two people in the last week ask me where I've been. And I finished my draft of my Fringe spec this past weekend, so I have some time before I jump into the next draft.

Speaking of which: the JJ conundrum. I've been JJ-ing up my Fringe spec. But I can't seem to find a balance for it. One can only assume that Fringe follows the Abrams style of CAPS, underlining, and F-bombing up their scripts. But in a spec? I'd assume one should follow suit, but to what degree? I have this fear that someone who reads it might not be aware of said JJ-ing. And then they'd have the same reaction I did when I saw my first Lost script.

And what about the three-dimensional location headings? I wonder how much people are using those. The show isn't exactly consistent in how much they use them to begin with. On paper, I assure you, they're not nearly as intriguing anyway.

So I wrestle with these things.

I also wrestle with specs in general these days. I'd much rather spend my time writing a pilot, or a feature. But what are you going to do? Specs are faster anyway. And they tend to grease the hinges. But I've been feeling the itch. So I have to figure out this Fringe, ship it off to the WB, and move on.

Thoughts on the JJ-ing, anyone?

ps. Leverage starts up again tomorrow night. So summer TV may just have an alternative revenue stream yet.


Vanilla Chunk said...

well, yeah! You're back.
Just finished a spec for 'Entourage' and the first thing the agent said was that the style was all wrong. I used the style from the shooting scripts we studied (for example, all caps for headings); he said that was a mistake. The readers are used to the standard template. It's comforting to read it that way. It doesn't send up red flags, so the quality of the writing can shine.


'Specs are faster'.
I never thought of it that way- but I guess you're right. I think I understand the process well enough now that could run through a spec for a new show in a month.
I want to write a feature.
At the same time, the money, the money, the money, sheesh. It's tough.
My mentor says that the two are mutually exclusive. I dunno.

oh, and:

Josh said...

Not that this is the RIGHT way, but Jul and I have (for the moment) decided on a system that involves doing original stuff in the fall and winter and one spec a year for the fellowships starting in Spring/near the end of the TV season.

And as for the JJ-ness... I always want to veer on the side of caution and not do things that are so specific to a writer or show that it seems weird to a reader not familiar with a dozen scripts from said show... and I've had professional writing instructors agree with me... HOWEVER, oftentimes the successful scripts I read (contest winners, etc) follow EXACTLY what produced scripts for that show do... so what's my answer? I dunno.