So that's what it feel like to get punched in the face

For those of us who are writers struggling to be paid writers -- or, really various degrees of almost-paid writers and then paid writers -- the outlook is never rosy. That's the business. But the climate these days is bleak. Separates the heard. Survival of the fittest. Faith shall prevail, what with 95% perspiration and a baffling amount of luck. But...this is all common knowledge. And that's even for someone like myself, who's still a teeny-weeny baby writer kicking some sweet-ass new baby smell.

So reading Elana of Girl on Girl's post about being an fairly upper level almost-paid writer was pretty much like a kick in the face.


But she's funny. So it's not so bad. It's kind of like some smelling salts to make sure you're paying attention.

The Fear is good.

I'm pretty sure.

ps. Seriously, I can't find any good Buster pics from Beef Consomme?

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Jeff said...

Alright dude. So where's the sweat for this blog then? October 21, 2009? You've had nothing to say since October 21? Come on. That's unacceptable.