Better than INCEPTION...

...is the infographic timeline created by 3D modeler ~dehahs out of Jersey, as seen at Slashfilm here. Fuzzy grammar aside, I stand by it. I'm not going to knock the movie (here), I'm just saying I spent more time today staring at this transfixing timeline than I did thinking about Inception after seeing it. This is, as they say, purty. As much as I like Nolan and Gordon-Levitt, and as much as I enjoyed seeing Ellen Page in a business suit, this is better. Hands and 3D modeling down.

Thanks ~dehahs and folks at Slashfilm.

ps. ~dehahs also did one a ways back for PULP FICTION. This may be even more fascinating. No, it IS more fascinating, but (not surprisingly), not necessarily more fascinating than the film in this case.

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