Hiatus ending list!

It's been a long long while. Writing, breeding, moving, and looking for work will do that to you. Not necessarily in that order. I think this whole process would be easier if I had a beard -- if I had some visible sign of said change. But I can't grow a beard. That's life for you. But I'm back. We'll play it by ear, but I'm going to start this whole thing off with a "Let's Pretend I'm Not Neglectful As I Number the Reasons That I Am" List:

1) I think I'm largely back just to make sure I post before Matt does. You can see his only slightly higher level of lazy neglect here. As of...now.

2) But really: I'm amazed at the number of hits and page views I still get even though I haven't posted since October of last year. I get those emails every week that list this blog's activity and it continues to blow my mind. Par example:

ME: Sweet Jesus. I got another 40 hits this week.
WIFE: On what?
ME: My blog.
WIFE: Do you even post anymore?
ME: No.
WIFE: Wasn't that going well for you?
ME: Yeah.
WIFE: So it's right up there with organizing the closet.
(I point at baby.)
WIFE: Oh, right. Well, maybe you should post something so those 40 people don't die of boredom.
ME: Hey, those 40 people apparently like what they see. I'm not about to rock the boat.
WIFE: (no longer talking to me)
ME: Those 40 people are PEOPLE, ok? They're not lab rats.
WIFE: (still not talking to me)
ME: Yeah, I should really post something.

So to all of you bizarre, wonderful people that keep coming, and/or finding your way here and mulling around, God bless you all. And I figure after reading stuff from, like, nine months ago, this should be like a visit from someone from the future. I'm Marty McFly-ing all over the place here. Speaking of which, you're in a for a double-dip recession, so quite drinking coffee and eating food and save your money.

3) Time not spent writing here has allowed me to write. Elsewhere. In script form. But above noted breeding has decreased said elsewhere writing, and now I'm looking to motivate. Hence public shaming.

4) I think I am one of the few -- and by few, I mean not counting most of this nation's critics -- that was NOT, in fact, all that crazy about Inception. So I figure I'm thereby representing the minority here. Those who aren't misdirected by shiny objects and dangling keys, I'm here. No worries.

5) I'm getting bored with all the talk of how bleak things look for those that type out here in La La Land. So instead I will shake some shiny keys of my own, with hopefully a little more merit than that. And by that I mean this blog -- or as my wife would say, the other woman.

6) The world has no use for yet another person blogging -- let alone another screenwriting blog. Therefore, I'm shaking this thing up. Mostly. The exact form that shall take is only 50% undetermined. But it'll be different. And, fairly readable. No worries. All I had was occasional writerly flare and snark to begin with -- but I will continue the writing stuff as that is what I do when I'm not doing what I don't want to do. So I've been brainstorming and contacting people to interview and whatnot to add some flavor to this blog. All brand new stuff. But different. You'll see.

7) Looking for work sometimes results in being way too up on your email correspondence. I've been emailing a lot with a friend of mine who is also looking for work. And after the laughter subsided from a chain of emails, we both realized there was probably something better we could be doing with our time. So I'm bringing it here.

8) In addition to rarely ever checking my Facebook page, I think I'd take some kind of glee out of favoring another "social" internet setting over it -- especially once Fincher's movie is out.

9) I really missed you guys. All 40 of you.

ps. Donald Glover is a rapper. No, really. I figure if he can rap, I can keep this blog going. Game on, Gambino.

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