I don't want to wait

Pacey-Con 2010. I love it.

I'm not the Comic-Con type. I'm happy to read about it on the internet, but I'm not going to San Diego for Fan Boy Marti Gras or to wait in line for hours to meet the cast of Big Bang Theory. Whatever your opinion of Comic-Con Past or Comic-Con Present, something phenomenally more interesting is born:

PACEY-CON 2010: Capeside to San Diego

More pics here.

I've heard talk that Joshua Jackson did this for Funny or Die, but Jackson (in Pacey garb) was just outside of Comic-Con with a little Con of his own. Paula Cole was on the boom box, Joshua Jackson read from some of his own fan fiction, and girls galore got pictures with the Capeside troublemaker. Awesome, hilarious, and so much better than dudes dressed up as Depp à la the Mad Matter.

This is the first time I wish I had been in San Diego instead of in La La Land at the end of July.

Pacey-Con 2011! Whooo!


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