Boo, Project Runway, Boo

Well, Gretchen won Project Runway season 8 last night. And all I can say is


Mondo Guerra will always be the winner of season 8 to me. I hope his talent, verve and flair catches him the attention and success he deserves.

To un-celebrate, my favorite Facebook status updates post-show:


"I'd rather see Jackie O with camel toe."

"Jasmine disagrees with michael and nina. those brown baggy shifts are going to look like shit on real women's bodies, no matter how much you like the way they drape on the tall twigs."

"Make it work differently."

"I wanted to purge myself right along with the rest of those skinny bitches."

ps. Thank God I'm not single anymore, because if the coming fashion trend is really boho-baggy-art-chick, then yikes. I guess we're bringing sexy back to some alternate 1970's Quaker reality. I always preferred the smarty art chicks myself, but that shit would send me running straight over to blah Americana catalog girls. Boo, Michael and Nina, boo.

pps. Keep up the good fight Mondo!

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