The Dark Knight Rises -- w/ Hugo Strange?

No Riddler. No 3D.

That's the latest news from Christopher Nolan on his third and final Batman film, which will be called, The Dark Knight Rises. His bit in The Hero Comlex can be seen here.

All I can say is thank fucking hallelujah on the 3D nix.

As per The Riddler, I'm a tad disappointed, as I was excited about The Riddler. I personally thought that was most apropos for Nolan's gritty realism take on Gotham. But that being said, I am very curious to see where he'll go. Will he create a new villian? Go with the popular remaining guesses of Hugo Strange or Catwoman?

Personally, as per Nolan's world, I'd guess I'd lean towards Hush or Harley Quinn. They're both untouched in the film world, and lend themselves to Nolan's style. But I also thought that of The Riddler, so what do I know. Maybe Nolan is working with Killer Croc. God, I hope not.

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