This is why we can't have nice things

Good grief. As everyone has most likely heard, Fox is moving Fringe to Friday nights. What the F is up in Murdoch Land? Does it not play in Peoria? Are they making room for some new show of questionable chances? Is Fox uncomfortable being the home of the other-wordly?

It's possible that Fox truly believes that Fridays might work for Fringe and that its audience will follow it wherever it goes, and DVR-blah blah blah.

But it's also possible that the Cubs will win the World Series next season. (weeping)

And we know Fox's track record.

And we know that Friday is a graveyard.

So, like I said, what in the name of John Noble is going on over there? Sure the ratings aren't the best. But Fox must know that Fringe is a big DVR show, even well beyond it's minor inclusion in the current ratings system. Which is DEFUNCT. WE live in a post Nielson world. Or we should. We don't bleed people when they're sick, we shouldn't rely on that ancient crap either.

With all the crap on the air, you think you'd give a show of quality with so much potential a chance. There's also little in the way of competition for a show of this type. And you think they'd want to maintain a relationship with JJ Abrams. It's stuff like this that makes me wonder if TV's renaissance of the last decade or so is coming to a close.

ps. Just another thing to chalk up dissonance. As a rarely well-phrased comment on Deadline Hollywood said, this is why we can't have nice things.

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