When to quit? or When to quit this discourse?

Video - When to Quit? - Los Angeles magazine

This is, of course, a very topical and relevant topic. But it's also tired, and it's also a very slippery and nebulous issue. Who can say when it is time to quit? Or who can say if isn't more a question of: Would I even be happy if I made it? Would I be miserable doing anything else anyway? Would I be happier doing something else? Is this just the emperor's new clothes? Fool's gold? Is there any point to crying over losing the lottery?

To some degree it's a game of luck, numbers, and how long you're willing to let your LA have the upper hand. And there's just a gluttonous amount of us, and so many blogs on which to post this ever-loved question. Who the hell knows. It's a goddamn mystery and we're stuck in Act Two. But here's the damn LINK anyway, because I keep seeing it, I keep getting sent it. And I'm looking to purge.

So I'm one more on the heap. A blog post by someone who'd rather be writing on assignment than on this blog.

ps. 2010, the year of upheaval.

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