Dance Party Friday

Blurby weekend post:

- Friday! Wife is a teacher, so her vaca starts today. Yea for vaca. Christmas on Mount Killimanjaro!

- In my stay-at-home-dad days (post on that to follow), the tater tot and I have taken to Friday dance party afternoons. He's still at the wee baby stage, so I can play my choices (ha!) (though he does seem to already have preferences), and I get to play songs that are not age appropriate. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, as soon I'll have to curb my swearing and my listening choices.

- I've developed a love of shoes. Where the hell did this come from? If I had money, I'd be in trouble. (also explaining song choice)

- Can someone explain to me the hype over The Walking Dead? Forget the writer drama, the show is just blah. It's a zombie movie, no more, no less. How the hell far can they go with that? Blah. I fear the "golden age of TV" we've been living in the last decade is splitsville.

- I love that Joss Whedon "confused" Whit Anderson for Whit Stillman and Paul Thomas Anderson (here). Ha! I know (sort of) "Whit," and she's much cuter than both. But wow, I'm almost serious when I say that I WOULD want to see a Buffy reboot written by Whit Stillman and PT Anderson. I think Joss may be on to something.

- Book search for the holidays. I'm eyes-open for my reading list for the trip for xmas. I'm lookin'. Taking suggestions.

ps. Your dance party suggestion. Kick it:

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