Cat blog-doppelgängers

The Chicago Trib has a feature on their website where they compare each Chicago mayoral candidate to Youtube cat videos. Me likey. And thus, the Youtube cat video doppelgängers for the blogs I've been reading regularly the past few months. If you don't read any of them, this is (for the most part) a possibly useless preview of said blogs. Otherwise, it's cat videos from Youtube. I've got a class tonight and I can't focus on my shit. Sue me.

1. Elana of Girl on Girl Action

I don't know Elana. But her blog is fun and she always manages to make the struggle sound like a hoot. So she gets Asisa kitty Maru:

2. Josh of Boring Future Generations

I keep checking his blog, but no updates, still frozen in time since September. But I know he has a lot on his mind. So:

3. Emily of Bamboo Killers

Speaks for itself:

4. Michael of Red Right Hand

Just because this is what I imagine is the atmospheric equivalent of Michael's time spent writing. Breezy and productive:

ps. I think this one suits me rather well these days:

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