Icy Hill 27 - Humans 0

**UPDATE: Apparently the guy who shot this has been on talks shows in the CO area, and a tire company is trying to buy the video for a commercial or viral campaign. **

Wow. There are no words. It seems like nothing is happening in the video, and then you notice the cars aren't parked and their hazard lights are all on. And then it's accident after accident! You just can't stop watching. It's like an automotive thriller or something. Amazing. My dad, who lives in Colorado Springs where this happened recently, sent me a link to this. Apparently people aren't just stupid, they're stupid amid the elements. And the guy taping and narrating it is pretty unintentionally hilarious.

They just keep trying to make it up the hill!

ps. "This shit sucked!"
"Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all."

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