The little girls understand...

When people ask me what Los Angeles is like, I'm at a total loss as to what to tell them. Let's be honest, I'm a back door man. I tell myself stories and write as much as possible, but other than that my life in LA is trying to pay the bills and trying to clear the fog. I've been trying to understand LA for five years now, and I couldn't tell you much.

There's a lot of desperation, a lot of detritus, and a lot of fame-lust. But that's all I got. There's a vibe out here, but I'm not in sync with it enough to give people the lowdown.

That is, until I saw this Justin Bieber behind-the-scenes video from Vanity Fair.

Yep. That's pretty much LA.

ps. I don't know what's more creepy, this video, linking Bieber with Dixon, or that the article quotes a song I've listened to as of late. I'm sure Bieber is influenced by Chicago Blues. Totally. For sure.

To clarify for anyone, here's Willie Dixon:

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