Dead Island my ass

OK. So most everyone has seen the video game trailer:

And most everyone knows that this is already on its way to becoming a movie, and most everyone loves what they see.

But really?

Does "everyone" also buy a product for every manipulative ad they see on TV? Did they used to yearn for a cup of Folgers when they saw those old commercials when the son would come back from college for an unexpected visit and wake up his little sister and parents with the smell of brewing coffee?

This is a moving trailer. But it's also done so manipulatively. Let me spell it out for you:

1) Slow motion.

2) Touching musical score.

3) Child/parent relationship heart-string-pulling.

4) Playing shit backwards.

Would this have been as effective if it was played in regular speed, without the score, and without the backwards effect to make it seem more complex and to punch up the child/parent bond tragedy?

I'd say no. The music is more effective than any of the visuals on their own. (Try watching it on mute.) And, when you play the game -- or see the movie -- it'll be nothing like this. Not to mention it'll be 90-100 minutes longer. And how in the world they'll fill that time to make a movie that hits this same note in three manipulative minutes, I have no idea.

So Hollywood doesn't take risks anymore. Aside from when someone can put together a 3 minute tear-jerker zombie video game trailer.

Good fucking grief.

ps. Did I mention I ditched my screenplay and I'm writing a fucking play?

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