Bridesmaids catfight!!!

Tongue-in-cheek-ness aside, I was pretty interested in Bridesmaids.  Kristen Wiig, Paul Feig, Ellie Kemper -- these are all good things.  But then the whole "You MUST see Bridesmaids" 3rd wave movie feminism thing happened.  Women across the country are being told they must see this movie if they ever want to see movies by or about women ever again. 


This is a movie about women?  Or just more Appatow-machine spam?   I mean, you can smell the unshowered Appatow protag touch all over that movie.  Because I assume most women are all about jokes poking fun at larger women hitting on men, humor both scatological and self-defecating, and girl-on-girl action. 

Now there's Bridesmaids backlash popping up on the web. It's pretty clear that this movie isn't as Massengil-y as it claims to be. 

But apparently it's take it or leave it.  If you want movies made for and about women, it's this, Nancy Meyers, and Michael Patrick King.  But, c'mon, that's like saying if you love great action films, you better go see Transformers Part Whatever, or you're not supporting the genre -- when actually it's just going to encourage them to make more Michael Bay movies. 

So maybe one should trust their instincts, avoid Michael Bay, and see Bridesmaids if you WANT to see Bridesmaids, not because you owe it to Hollywood's perception of your gender. But if you're all that concerned about the status quo, this just may not be your stand. 

ps.  In all fairness to Wiig, it seems like there was a smarter comedy underneath the polish before it got Appatow'd.  Can a decent movie make it out of Hollywood these days? 

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