The Dark Knight begins Rising

The viral campaign begins for The Dark Knight Rises.  It's everywhere, but who can resist?  Here's our first look at Tom Hardy as Bane.  And as someone who hasn't been so hot on the Bane inclusion, I have to admit that I'm geeked like a Jack Sparrow-dressed freak heading down to San Diego in July.

Also, you can hear a looped clip from the score at the website, though it stopped working for me this morning.  There's a subpage where you can upload pics that will mosaic into the pic of Bane above, though I don't get how pics are uploaded.

ps.  Clueless, but geeked nonetheless!

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Employment Experts said...

I just hope that this doesn't succumb to the same temptation that ruined Spiderman 3; trying to do too many things with too many characters¬, resulting in an incoherent mess. But I have a lot more faith in the judgment and film making skills of Chris Nolan than I've ever had in Sam Rammi, so I feel fairly confident that he can pull it off.