Dear Marty

Letters of Note is always on my links to the right, under Beaucoup Beaucoup! -- because it's pretty amazing.  If you haven't checked it out, here's reason to:

Amazing.  A transcript, if it helps, can be found here

ps.  Marty is, of course, Martin Scorsese, and Wise Guys became Goodfellas.  If you haven't seen it, Netflix it now.  And if you don't know who Michael Powell or The Archers are....then god help you if you're actually trying to make it in the film industry and have aspirations aside from working on one of the many reiterative film franchises that is all anybody seems to care about in La La Land.

pps.  But seriously, go see The Red Shoes, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Peeping Tom or anything else Powell did with Emeric Pressburger.  They are amazing, and inspired many many people -- among them Mr. Scorsese (who you can actually listen to on the commentary to the Criterion DVD of The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp).  


Zelig Skykiller said...

goodfellas is still on my top five films of all time list. of course, my list isn't scholarly or anything. just shit that makes me happy. casino is in there too... and braveheart. i guess in my world, blood = happy?


adam ____________________________ said...

I guess. I love me some Scorsese, but even I find more than a few parts of Casino unwatchable. I'm more of a Raging Bull/Taxi Driver kind of guy. Which, I'm sure, is a much more wholesome category. Less blood, more teenage hookers.