Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise (Emma Graham Mysteries)Hotel Paradise by Martha Grimes

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I LOVED this book.  Didn't know what to expect from it, but it's a wonderful mixture of lit mystery, precocious and ostracized children, eccentric characters, food and wonderfully crafted moments.  Such a fantastic ending.  It's kind of like the love child of Wes Anderson and Donna Tartt.  I newly heart Martha Grimes.  If you love mysteries, if you love books, if you love food, if you felt alone as a teenager, if you have the blue devils, if you live for stories -- read this book.  It's been a while since a book got me jazzed about its series.  I'm itching for #2, Cold Flat Junction. 

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ps.  And the book art utilized my favorite painter to boot.  Here's the full painting of Edward Hopper's Hotel Lobby.

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