WGA Library, why have you forsaken me? + Xander + Nolan loves Tree

Preface: Will more people see this post because of the Buffy reference, or because I imply that Christopher Nolan likes the ganja?

I love the WGA Library. Love it. I have, in the past, spent many an hour there taking notes on various show's scripts, reading scripts, combing through the HCD -- however I've spent most of my time there writing. It's quiet, it's free of distractions, it's wonderful. Personally, I have no freaking clue how people write in coffee shops. But, funny enough, a while back I moved just a couple of blocks from the library and I haven't been there since. That's life.

And now when some time has miraculously opened up and I've planned to immerse myself in its wonderful cocoon-ish glory, it's bleeping under construction and closed right up until my new-found pocket of time disappears.

WGA Library, my old writing sanctuary, why have you forsaken me? We used to be so close, and I know I've been hard to reach as of late, but, hopefully we can reconnect despite how completely one-sided this is. In the words of Season One Xander:

Oh, me and Buffy go way back. Old friends, very close. Then there was that period of estrangement, I think we were both changing as people, but here we are and it's like old times, I'm quite moved.

Oh Xander, you and I were like this ::fingers crossed::, before the show completely lost track of your role in its mythology.

Also, looks like someone's people are pulling out the big names in support of Tree of Life. Nolan and Fincher profess it's glory below, if you haven't seen it. (Though when Nolan suggests that Malick's influence can be seen in his visual style, I have to confess I raised the eyebrow not just a little.)

ps. God bless Emily of Bamboo Killers for helping me with Blogger's damn problems with Scrippets. Now I can actually utilize that code that's been sitting in my template's html. Sheesh.

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