Are We There Yet

I've been find myself listening to the Tribe a lot recently.  I've even broken out old school LL Cool J.  (Who knew Around The Way Girl would hold up so well after all these years?)  Rap seems deader than dead lately.  I'm sick of the radio crap, the reiterative crap, and the brief interludes in pop songs to make some singer seem more legit.  I also miss rappers that understand narrative power.  Or hell, what about just rapping about girls and being cool and shit?  C'mon. 

But I've stumbled on Dumbfounddead and this shit is tonic enough:

ps. Awesome.  Still miss me some Tribe, but awesome. 


Zelig Skykiller said...

have you seen the rapaport doc yet? i'm pretty anxious myself.

i know what ya mean about it being dead these days. try going underground... that's what i've done. i've discovered some gems (diverse, mac lethal, atmosphere)...

or go with the classics who have bounced back. raekwon's last album ("only built for cuban linx 2") is almost as good as the original "only built for cuban linx". well worth a complete listen-through.

Zelig Skykiller said...

also, 2Pac always works.

adam ____________________________ said...

No, but I'm itching to see the Tribe doc. It's playing here, but it's harder to run out and see it with the tater tot to take care of these days.

I love Slug (Atmosphere). Though I tend to like his older stuff better than his newer stuff. Though I've been out of touch with him for a while. Lucy Ford and God Loves Ugly are great albums.

And yeah, 2Pac is part of that classic group. But despite his fun stuff, I do tend to associate him with anger (both in terms of social injustice and general good 'ol fashioned violence).