The Chandler Apartments

The Chandler ApartmentsThe Chandler Apartments by Owen Hill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book could be off-putting to a lot of people. Whether because of the well-saturated bisexuality, or because of the poetry-on-a-pedestal Berkeley-boho-hooey, that depends on the person. But, personally, if the concept of a bisexual anti-establishment book scout who moonlights as a private detective doesn't draw you in, I'm not sure what will. Jonathan Lethem described this mystery as insouciant fictional gossip. I'd say that's right on the money for a subculture uppercut of a book that sucked me in and left me wanting more. Read for a heady dose of main character Clay Blackburn's holy trinity: sex, poetry and travel.

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ps. More to come on the blog, I've been bogged down in a new job, the tater tot, and trying to fit in writing.

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